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Friday, August 11, 2017

Flash Back Friday

Flash Back Friday!
 When I was in Junior High, I had a teacher named Mrs.Van Wheelden.
She taught a community studies class that I just loved.
 The class covered everything from how government works to participating as a board member.
I never forgot the class.
Before my art career began I became an
 Executive Director of a Chamber of Commerce,
a Downtown Mainstreet Manager and served on many boards.
I do believe she was one of several people (especially my parents) that
influenced me to participate where you live.
It doesn't mean you have to run out and join a board.....just Volunteer!
Find niches within your community that you feel your background could offer help!
Not far from where I live is the tiny town of Sumpter, Oregon.
I painted a portrait of Sumpter over the past several months
and spent time getting to know many of the wonderful people that call it "Home".
 I also discovered a few things that I could help with!
I did my research and received permission from the city to repaint some of the City of Sumpter Signs.
A little sanding and repainting ...New Signs!
The one below hung on the original post office.
 I just repainted the letters.
I am currently working on the entry signs and the Sumpter Fire Hall.
A small contribution on my part but if everyone lends a hand..
..just think how "Grand" all the communities across our nation would be!
Have a Great Evening & Weekend Everyone!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds,
Jennifer & Max
PS: Max is trying to figure out how he can Help!