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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Asters!

Summer Asters in Full Bloom!
The flowers of Summer say it all!
 Purple Asters started blooming right after the Fourth of July at the cabin and have not stopped!
The flower looks like fireworks!
Purple and Yellow!
Laura Ashley was correct when she stated 
"The two happiest colors together"!

The cabin is now surrounded by wild yarrow, lilies, paintbrush, and thousands of asters.
Summers carpet!
Nature's color combinations never stop surprising! 
The bright orange and black of the butterfly against the purple asters!
The intricate patterns that each provide....its all in the details!
In the morning the asters all face toward the sun as if they are waiting for something!
Maybe their morning coffee!
Or just feeling the warmth of the summer sun after such a cool mountain night!

The beauty of nature is the most peaceful solitude of all!
Have a Wonderful Evening Everyone!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds!
Jennifer & Max!