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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Growing up in Michigan Mullein was everywhere!
My brother Mike and I created spears out of the spikes leftover from the summers blooms.
We created miniature tepees with the leftover stalks.
The giant fuzzy soft leaves became carpet in the many forts we built across our families property.

My brother and I were avid 4-H members .
 He took entomology and I studied birds and wildflowers!
Mullein attracted so many birds, butterflies and insects. The ultimate 4-H study plant!
Mullein can grow up to 8 feet tall!

Versatile, fuzzy mullein is an engineering marvel!
It is actually a member of the snapdragon family.
Mullein Tea is a traditional treatment for respiratory problems.
Native Americans used the plant's roots for coughs;other tribes smoked the roots or dried leaves to treat asthma. They also used the leaves to treat prickly rash, bruises, tumors and even as personal hygiene.
Mullein leaves have been used in cosmetics preparations for years to soften skin. Yellow dye extracted from the flowers has been used since Roman times as a hair rinse as well as to dye cloth.
What an amazing historic plant!
It is simply NOT a WEED!
I spent several days photographing and
sketching the plant.
 The leaves provide a display of shadows and depth which will intrigue any photographer.
The following fabrics and tiles are the results.
Aqua Mullein Fabric
I like the intricate details that appear and YES the colors!
Purple Mullein Fabric

Green Turtle Mullein Fabric
So the next time you see this plant.....stop and spend a moment.....especially with kids!
Maybe you will have a sword fight..
..place the leaves inside your shoes for cushion and have FUN!
Oh the Memories! Simple.... however still vivid
 Joy in my Mind!
Have a Wonderful Evening Everyone!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds!
Jennifer & Max!