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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Customers' Favorite Things!

Last Weeks Customer's Favorite Things!
Oh My! The fabric store was VERY busy last week!
The sewing rooms must be buzzing!
The "Bright Hummingbird Dreams" fabric sold to several people! 
So much color and detail! I had more fun creating the original painting!
"Spring Storm Iris Fields"

The Powder River Fabric sold to a client in NE Oregon!
I bet they are going to make a quilt?
The fabric was created from a photograph and paint!
I like the abstract and lime green result!

What a summer! The Seattle Tote Bag has now sold several 100 pieces!
The gift shops are HAPPY! So am I!
The Oregon Zoo Box sold ......just the right size for that "Special" gift!
I love these boxes! They come in several sizes and are available with many covers and in most of the stores!
A great graduation, wedding, or birthday gift!
The fabric below is called "The Joy of Jam Chef". The image is a pullout from the original painting titled 
"The Joy of Jam"!
The painting depicts "Ms. Elizabeth's" friends gathering blackberries and making jam!
Click on the LINK below to see the entire original painting.

The "Mountain Bluebird Fabric" sold ...very curious what they are creating!
The image is a "pullout from the original painting titled "Bark".
You can view the entire painting by CLICKING on the LINK below:

Wow...You all love these! So do I!
The quality is amazing and the size options!
I buy the bird images all the time!
 I have used them on art studio jars, plant vases, cards, etc!
I like the clarity, color and thickness!
Many tiles have been selling...so much construction is going on everywhere!
I sold and created several different tiles for a building contractor and kitchen designer.
 We worked together and came up with exactly what they needed and at a GREAT price!
Quantity discounts!!
Let me know what your ideas! I will work with you!
A little boy in Portland, Oregon is going to be VERY HAPPY!
While he is visiting his grandparents...Mom is redecorating his bedroom!
The theme: "FRONTIER TOWN"!
What fun! The entire collection is located in the Jennifer Lake "Kids Store"!
Located on the lower right of this blog.
Have a Wonderful Evening Everyone!
Thank-you ALL for making my Art Career so much FUN!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds!
Jennifer & Max