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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Customer's Favorite Things Last Week!

Last week a WIDE variety of things were purchased from all my
 On Line Stores!
The "Coming Home" print below was purchased by a client for his wife.
They will be celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary in August.
He told me the image reminded him so much of when they started out together in Montana.
The painting is part of the series I painted titled the "Oregon Love Story".
I will re-post the story again on the Blog next week.

A quilter in Everett, Washington purchased the print
 "Summer Lavender Lemonade"
 for her quilt room!
Love the framing! 

Christmas products are already starting to be purchased!
Christmas in July!!
The cute top below depicts "Ms. Elizabeth" greeting one of her friends by the candy gate.
The chipmunk on the left is actually one of my Dad and Moms creations!

It's back to school time! Time to buy that new outfit and supplies!
Stayed tuned!
 Later this week I be will showing all the 2017 Back to School Products!

I can see someone is preparing to put up a lot of Jam and Jelly!
A friend of mine purchased the apron for her Mother!
They are canning together this season. 
I will be Huckleberry Picking next weekend!
I hope the bears don't eat too many and save me some!
I cannot wait to make my very own Huckleberry Syrup!

Talk about being surprised!
Ski Season Sales???? WOWZA!
Actually the plaque below was sold to a Ski Boutique on Mount Hood!
The store will be carrying the "Ms. Elizabeth" children's ski line!
 However.... can we wait on snow for just a little while?
Several more fabrics sold from the "Joy of Jam" Collection!
The one below is a Polyester Poplin.
It was sold in a 60" width. Maybe for pillows or kitchen cushions?
I would love to see what you create! Please share photos!
Thank-you all for making my Art Career so Wonderful!
Have a great summer evening!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds,
Jennifer & Max
PS: Max says enough with the HOT WEATHER!