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Monday, March 19, 2018

Part ONE...

Lillian's Lilacs 4' X 4'

Good Morning Everyone!
Ahhh! Another week unfolds before us!
Every week of our lives we are bombarded with decisions, resolutions, new adventures, and life!
Some of the decisions are filled with obstacles, joys, and reflections.
Even my career as an Artist... you face the same things.
For the past three years I have had the great opportunity to live in the north eastern Oregon mountains.
I had lived in Central Oregon since 1980 and made the MASSIVE decision to create a 
"NEW Adventure" for myself!
I have NO regret. I have fallen in love with this area.
A dear friend of mine over the weekend asked me why?
"There are no Costco's, Walmart's, Restaurants are Limited"....
etc.they said.
All of which I simply don't miss!
Anyway...I have decided to STAY!
I fell in love with the beauty of the land, the vast history, 
the wildlife, wildflowers, the snow, and the peace.
On my 38th year in the art industry...
I have found the location to build my next Art Studio! 

So... I like many of YOU had to make a BIG decision over the weekend.
ALL of my ORIGINAL PAINTINGS that I currently own are for Sale!
The proceeds will go toward this wonderful new place and Art Studio that I will share!
Below are images and sizes of the paintings.
 Some have NEVER been available for sale before.
The group below is Part One...
Please check the BLOG for Part Two...
I hope all of them will find "Happy Homes" and become a part of your "Families History".
Let me know what one you are interested in and I will e-mail you further information.
The Painted Hills Storm 4' X 5'

Forget Me Knot! 11 X 14
Oh so Close! 11 X 14

100th Print Collage/ ALL 100 Paintings Combined!!! 4' X 6"

Life along the Creek 12 X 20

Brrr...Bunny 11 X 14
Guatemalan Jungle 4' 

Daisy's at Smith Rock 22 X 24

Summer Storm over Iris Fields 16 X 20

Zumwalt Prarie 11 X 14

Whose Woods these are ...I think I know 30 X  40

My Secret Summer Place 20 X 24

The ranch Storm 30 X 40

Mrs. Kingfisher 22 X 24

Friends Come to Tea 30 X 40
Summer Lavender Lemonade 30 X 40
Pacific Northwest Quilt 30 X 40
The Japanese Cherry Blossom Vase 20 X 24
Peeps....11 X 14

Malhuer 11 X 14

Please contact me by leaving a comment below.
I will forward you further information on the painting you are interested in.
You can also email me direct at:
Have a FANTASTIC Week!
Your Artist Friend,
Jennifer Lake

Part TWO ~

Part Two
Below is the Second Group of Paintings Available...
Please refer to Part One on the Blog for the ENTIRE Post!
Your Artist Friend,
Jennifer Lake

"Ms. Elizabeth's Christmas House" 18 X 24

"Ms. Elizabeth's Peppermint World" 18 X 24

Love ME! 5 X 7

Collecting Hearts! 5 X 7

Valentine Rocky! 5 x 7

Chatty Cathy 11 X 14

Teddy 11 X 14

Raggedy Anne 11 X 14

Joy of Jam 18 X 24

A Magical Night 18 X 24

The Mt. Bachelor Brats 11 X 14

The Halloween Gang 18 X 24

Kitty Kitty 18 X 24

The Joy of Halloween 18 X 24

The Toys in the Attic

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Life along the Creek!

Life along the Creek!
Several months ago I completed the painting below.
I painted it after the first snowfall along the creek.

The painting is all about the line detail!
Lines after lines of paint.
Wild fall colors that range from deep purples to bright orange.
Surpising little details appear everywhere.

The best way I have heard my artwork described is similar to stitchery.
Each line represents a stroke of a brush of color.
The image below is a closeup of the Red Twig Dogwood.
Note the thousands of lines.

The California Quail live under all the shrubs all year long.
The teeny tiny quail below are only a 1/2 tall!

The "Life Along the Creek Painting" is now available in a 
"Special Introductory Print" ...
ONLY 25 available that are signed/numbered and remarked with a
 California Quail 12" X 24".
$125.00 each.
Just comment below and we do ALL the rest!
The original painting measures 12" X 24" and is also available for
Have a Wonderful Evening!
Your Artist Friend, 
Jennifer Lake