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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Original Art Week # 3! Tis the Season!

Original Art Week #3! Tis the Season!
Everyday this week I will be posting some of my
Original paintings for sale!
Who will be the lucky person SURPRISED at Christmas Time?
Will it be YOU?
Below is today's painting!

~The Jungle of Guatemala!~
 I had the fortunate opportunity to attend part of my high school at the
Colegio Americano De Guatemala School located in Guatemala City.
I traveled all over Central America and the place that captured my imagination the most was
The great Mayan Pyramids are located here.
The jungle surrounding the area was filled with life!
The Quetzal Birds were everywhere!
Though not common to the area we were lucky enough to see them.
Hummingbirds blended in with the wild orchids and fauna.
The scene was planted on my brain forever!
The painting was created for my "Flowers of My Life" 
30th Anniversary Show  in 2013.
The show was sponsored by the Sunriver Resort and the
 SHARC Convention Center.
The painting is painted on Masonite...a very hard surface.
The base of the painting has six layers of primer and is sealed with a bronze glaze.
When lights shine on the painting it glows like the jungle.

I remember the amazing hummingbirds and the sounds well.
If you look closely below you can see the bronze glaze and the minute detail of the plant life.

Quetzal's are strikingly colored birds in the trogon family. 
They love humid areas. I love their tail feathers.
The graceful long tail feathers are said to have been used as
 currency by the Ancient Maya.
They are also the national bird of the area.

The painting measures 4 feet by 4 feet.
I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about this painting.
The Retail Gallery Price is $ 18,000.00.
The Studio "Special Price" is $9500.00 now thru December 20th.
Contact: jenniferlakeart@gmail.com for further information.
Have a Wonderful Evening.
Your Artist Friend along the Creek,

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Original Art Week #2! Tis the Season!

Original Art Week! Tis' the Season!
Everyday this week I will be posting some of my 
Original paintings for sale!
Who will be the lucky person SURPRISED at Christmas Time?
Will it be YOU?
Below is today's painting!
~Lillian Lilacs~
Lillian's Lilacs was completed for the "Flowers of My Life Show" held in 2013.
 The show ..sponsored by the Sunriver Resort and the SHARC was my 30th Anniversary show.  
Each painting represented a period of my life utilizing a floral theme.
Growing up in Michigan beautiful lilac bushes were everywhere.
My families property had many. 
You knew summer was amidst with the smell of lilacs filling the air.
Even now when I smell lilacs.. I can instantly be back at my childhood home in my mind.
The painting below was created on Masonite....a very hard and flat surface.
The base of the painting has 6 layers of primer and a Silver Glaze was added on top.
The Silver Glaze adds depth and interesting light.
All the detail took over two months to complete.

If you look closely you can see a Goldfinch watching me select flowers for my Grandmother Lillian.
I was very fortunate to grow up with my grandparents as neighbors.
They both were amazing and extraordinary people.

The closeup below shows you each brush stroke of each lilac petal.
Yes there are times I say "BUY A BIG BRUSH" and create "ABSTRACT"!
However as the years have gone on I have an obsession with minute detail!
I am fascinated by it.
The painting measures 4 feet by 4 feet.
I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about this painting.
The Retail Gallery Price is $15,000.00
The Studio "Special Price" is $7500.00 now thru December 20th.
Contact: jenniferlakeart@gmail.com for further information.
Have a Wonderful Evening,
Your Artist Friend along the Creek,

Monday, December 4, 2017

Original Art Week! Tis the Season!

Original Art Week!
Everyday this week I will be posting some of my 
ORIGINAL paintings for sale!
Who will be the lucky person SURPRISED at Christmas time?
Will it be YOU?
The first two today are listed below!
"Whose Woods these are I think I Know"
I created the painting from a scene near the famous
 Black Butte Ranch Resort in Central, Oregon.
The title is from the famous Robert Frost Poem.
If you look closely you will see animals EVERYWHERE!
A coyote sits to the lower right. He has been chasing a small mouse which is hiding below in the rabbit brush.
A Great Snowy Owl spots the mouse and is headed down from one of the old Ponderosa Tree.
Deer are arriving from the back of the forest. Squirrels, chipmunks, hawks, cougar can also be seen.
If you look really close you can see a little mouse painting in a hole of one of the trees!
The painting is filled with life but from a distance...snow and the magnificent Ponderosa Trees.
The painting measures 30 X 40 and is a gallery wrap canvas.
Retail Gallery Price $12,000.00
Studio Price $5,000.00 now through December 20th only.

 The Malhuer Bird Refuge!
Oregonians are very proud of the Malhuer Bird Refuge.
The refuge is one of the most used bird flyways in North America.
Thousands upon thousands of birds pass through the area annually.
The refuge was created in 1908 by order of
 President Theodore Roosevelt to protect habitat.
The 187,757 acres is located 30 miles south of the city of Burns, Oregon Harney Basin.
Ironically the Donner and Blitzen Rivers flow through Malhuer.
No wonder this painting will be a great Christmas Present to find under the Christmas Tree!
The original painting measures 11 X 14 and is gallery wrapped.
Gallery Retail Value $1500.00
Studio Price Special $550.00 now through December 20th!
Have a Great Evening Everyone!
Contact ME: jenniferlakeart.blogspot.com
Your Artist Friend,

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Once a YEAR!

Hi Everyone!
Once a year my "Jennifer Lake Fine Art America" Store
is 50% OFF!
Yes...That is RIGHT!
Today through November 24th you can SAVE BIG!
Its my GIFT to ALL of YOU!
I have enjoyed my art career immensely and without YOU none of this adventure would have happened!
You have enriched my life and many of YOU have become like family and dear friends!
I hope each of you enjoy the up-coming Holiday Season!
Happy Holidays
from the
Jennifer Lake Creek Art Studios!


Saturday, November 11, 2017

I Ordered 5 YARDS!

Fall Quail Fabric!
When your job is a full time artist there are those moments that you say out loud...
Well today was one of those days!
I kept looking at the vase of quail and thought to myself....FABRIC!
So I spent most of last night and this morning creating the fabric below!
I fell in LOVE with the designs!
I already placed my order for five yards!!
CLICK on the "Product Button" and then click on NEW!

Below is the "Fatty Quail".
The leaf design resembles something from a William Morris design.
The female quail below makes a strong design statement with the grasses!
The brown/bronze tones create a feeling of depth.
The "Fall Couple" look like they are really sitting in a nest of leaves.
The fabric design would be wonderful for pillows and a table runner.
What ideas are you coming up with?
The fabric can be purchased from cotton to linen.
There are over eight different fabrics.
You can also create the design you would like!
If you need assistance just let me know.
I am happy to help! 
Just e-mail me: jenniferlakeart@gmail.com
I purchased the poly. I will use it for pillows and other home decor items.

Send me photos of your finished products. 
I would love to see them.
Have a Wonderful Evening Everyone!
I am having WAY to much FUN in the new Studio!
Your Artist Friend
~Jennifer Lake Creek Studios~
PS: Let me know your thoughts and ideas!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Jennifer Lake Creek Art Studio Presents~

Jennifer Lake Creek Art Studio Presents~
Tonight's Christmas Ornament...
I was setting up the new studio last month when I came across the wooden plaque.
I had not made one in years!
I use to sell these at my very first art gallery in Central Oregon!
The two doors open and a little world is found inside!
The wooden plaque measures 10" tall and is 12" wide when the doors are open.

The doors open...and you will find two chickadees decorating their house for Christmas!
The chickadee outside is separate from the wooden plaque adding a little dimension.
A fun little gift for someone special.
+ Shipping.
Who will be the LUCKY collector tonight?
Just comment "SOLD" in the comment section...!
Have a FANTASTIC Evening Everyone!
Your Artist Friend 
Jennifer Lake Creek Art Studio's


Yes! It is that time of YEAR!
The JOY of the Season!
I hope everyone will find HOPE...DREAMS COME TRUE...& JOY!
Your Artist Friend 
from the
Jennifer Lake Creek Studios

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Customer's Favorite Things!

The "Jennifer Lake Creek Studio" is VERY busy
 and all the
"Tis" the Season!
Here are a few things clients purchased:
"The Christmas Forest Visitor" print was purchased for a 
Christmas gift for someone in Des Moines, Iowa!
I guess I better be careful on saying locations for the next two months!
Love the frame! The frame has a nice forest look.

"Snow Lighting"
The print was purchased for an office complex in Portland, Oregon.
One of my favorites from the "Shapes of Snow" collection!
Talk about DRAMA!

The "History of the Columbia Gorge" painting has been selling on
 ALL products!
People truly treasure this National Historic Area and were devastated over the fires!
The "History of the Columbia Gorge" print was sold to another office complex in Portland, Oregon.
I work with interior designers a quite a bit. 
I love helping them coordinate items for their clients.
The sage green mat actually works well with the wall caller of the office it was purchased for.
Let me know if you need personal help with any designing projects.
If  I cannot help you..I have a large list of decorators for you.

"I have the Blues in Zumwalt Prarie"
The image was sold to a client in Pendleton, Oregon for a Christmas gift!
The gentleman that ordered the piece told me he proposed to his wife on the prairie.
I did mention the name of the print to him...and he said he got over the "Blues" right after she said YES!

Mugs, Espresso and Bone China cups have been selling in all styles!
The image below is called "Red Bird Lily Cup".
All these make wonderful hostess gifts!
Fill them with candy, chocolates, flowers....etc.!
Use your imagination!

I am VERY PLEASED to announce that the shirt below was in the 
TOP Sales category on ZAZZLE last month!
How GREAT is that?
I was so excited! She is so cute...the shirt is cute ...and 
Everyone Loves "Ms. Elizabeth"!
Check out the entire store here on the blog...lower left!

I now offer a very large collection.
Last week I personalized many for corporate gifts.
Let me know how I can help!
Great quantity discounts! 

I am so thrilled that "Zazzle" brought back the Baggu Duck Bag.
A fantastic heavy durable bag made of recycled cotton!
Most of all ...MADE IN THE USA!
A wonderful Brooklyn based company!
I have purchased several and use them for my artwork when I plein air paint.
Let me know how I can help you this Christmas Season!
Have a Wonderful Evening!
Your Artist Friend
Jennifer Lake Creek Studio's

Explore the World!

Artist Jennifer Lake exploring the remnants of the Smelter in Sumpter, Oregon.
She will be painting a painting of the original smelter on wood.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Jennifer Lake Creek Studios Presents~

Tonight's Christmas Celebration!
It's a Great Horned Owl Christmas!
A Great Horned Owl lives along the creek and you can hear him every night!
The full moon and the snow the past week really provided a tremendous hunting ground.
You could hear him all night long.....
or maybe...
he heard the NEWS that the "Season of Joy"
had begun and was decorating his home!
I painted the owl on a solid wood plaque.
You can see below the edge of the bark is still on the wood.
The owl painting comes with the easel.

He is painted with Holly hanging out of his beak.
I assume he has decorated his entire hole in the tree by now!
I painted several of these last year for clients...
I love painting the detail of the feathers.
The image has a whimsical folk art flair.
The wood plaque measures 10" high and is 7" wide.
I signed my name on the back.
A great gift for the "Owl Lover and Nature Lover"
Who will be the lucky collector tonight?
Just comment below or email...
Have a Wonderful Evening Everyone!
Your Artist Friend 
The Jennifer Lake Creek Studios
Jennifer & Max

Monday, November 6, 2017

Something is Happening Here....!

I took a little hike on Saturday and discovered something unusual.
I had never seen anything like this before.
The trees were totally decorated with yellow aspen leaves.
The leaves were strategically placed on all the boughs!
The trees looked like someone purposely placed the leaves.
My first thought......
the trees themselves are preparing for the holidays!
What a site!
I instantly knew the season has arrived!

When I returned to the studio I worked on the photographs.
When I saw the result below....I knew!
The "Season of Joy" 
is here!
The forest twinkle lights!
I hope all you find "MAGIC" in the season ahead!
I have learned ...it is those "Magic Moments" 
that make life simply WONDERFUL!
Have a Fantastic Evening!
Your Artist Friend
Jennifer Lake Creek Studio

The Gold is Inside!

Friday, November 3, 2017

A Vase!

 Happy Friday Everyone!
I just named my NEW Art Studio: Jennifer Lake Creek Studios!
The name will be fun to develop along with a line of NEW products.
Below is the first piece of art to be completed in the studio.
"Red Twig Dogwood Quail"

The base of the vase started with a sage green color!
I am not sure how many vases I have painted but
 I am sure its over 100 now.
I have painted on many shapes and sizes.
Most of the vases and lamps are custom orders..however this is
 the FIRST that I created for retail.
You can contact me for pricing direct: jenniferlakeart@gmail.com

Seven California Quail surround the vase. 
The main focal point is the couple on the top.
The female looks like she is looking for her children.
The quail below is a real "Fatty".
He is all puffed up for winter.
The NEW Studio has several things I love:
1) I finally have a wonderful place to photograph product!
2) I now have several rooms that have organized all I do!
...Sewing Room...Craft Room...Office and the Paint Room! 
It is one BUSY Place!

I picked some grass and Yellow Dogwood for the vase!
I would also add very tall branches of red Twig Dogwood for real drama!

A male quail is snuggled under the branches and surrounded by
 the many grasses that are found along the creek.
I also posted a video on Facebook for you!
Have a Wonderful Friday Afternoon!
Your Artist Friend 
Jennifer Lake Creek Studios!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Buy Art!

The Holiday Season has Arrived!
I really want to encourage everyone to buy ART this Season!
Art is such a wonderful gift and provides a lifetime treasure!
Spend sometime visiting the local art and craft shows, art galleries, and museums.
Drag the kids....they will thank-you when they are adults!
I have MANY artist friends that produce AMAZING works!
They work very hard in their studios all year!
Artist's are "Gifts to our World".
They make us think, see and open our minds of a world we never thought possible!
Artist's give us hope, uniqueness, talent and most of all encouragement to be different!
What better gift to give!
My favorite "Artist's":
Kristi Usher(painter, sculptor), Lynn Bean (sculptor, painter, author),
 Gary Albertson (photographer), Gary Cooley (sculptor & painter),
 Laurel Knight (painter),
Linda Kropf Phillips (painter and fine craft), Gene Baldwin (custom hat designer),
Eyvind Earle (painter,deceased), Tasha Tudor (author and artist),
Miranda Fann (painter,Oklahoma), Nancy Calltharp (photographer Kansas),
 William Morris (glass artist, Tacoma),
George Seurat (painter, deceased), William and Katherine Lake (Art), Robert Seliger (furniture),
Tami Paladini (painter), Austin Barton (bronze sculptor), Tom Clevenger (wood artist),
Stewart Jones (jewerly designer) , Elizabeth Bradley (needlepoint)
Dale Chihuly (glass sculptor), William Morris (Arts & Crafts/England), HiroYamagata (painter, Japan),
just to name a few!
Enjoy the Season Everyone!
Your Artist Friend in a VERY BUSY Studio along the Creek!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Morning Walk!

Have a Beautiful Sunday Everyone!

Max says...."Lets go to the LAKE"...we are OFF!
Sundays in the fall are the BEST!
Get out and Enjoy Oregon!
The work will be there tomorrow!
Your Artist Friend along the Creek!

Saturday, October 28, 2017


What can be better than spending a Saturday catching up with your
 Best Friend?
Enjoy your Saturday Everyone!
The weather in eastern Oregon is FANTASTIC!
Off to the LAKE!
Your Artist Friend along the Creek,

Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween Flashback Friday!

Halloween Flashback Friday!
Halloween can be so much FUN! 
My son Easton and I had a ball every year!
Yes! Even I dressed up every year with him.
We would visit all of our friends homes and entertain all of them!

One of my favorite witches I made for our front porch (1985).
We would decorate the little Victorian house for every season. 
The witches head was made out of an old nylon!
She had no body...just floated in the air!
The witch was on the front page of the newspaper!
We were thrilled!
 We even made a bat out of an old nylon!
The little girl in the photo was our neighbor...Emily.
She is wearing one of the outfits I made Easton.
Easton became a spider that year...and of course Me....Witchie Woman!
The spider theme really was fun. 
The spider below was made out of nylons and his legs were old black socks!
I surprised Easton with a Crayon Costume I made for him.

Easton was VERY happy in his pumpkin costume!
I still can remember him patting the sides because he felt BIG!
He wore the costume around the house for a week!

The Dragon Kid!
I had leftover fabric from a project I had made for a party and
the fabric ended up working well for a costume!
Easton batted his tail at everyone!

The Spider Make-up!

Halloween is so much more than scary things.
To me it was about spending time with my family 
decorating, carving pumpkins, baking and creating fun costumes!
Easton as Mario...the game was so BIG that year!
Easton as a Haunted House!
Just an old box hand painted!
His mask was created from an old sheet and then colored.
He had a blast helping me.
He actually won Best Costume this year!

Even in high school Easton still dressed up!
I ratted his wild hippy hair...straight up! Sprayed it until it was like cardboard!

I hope this weekend you will take the time and enjoy all the season has to offer!
Family Fun!
Corn Mazes, Pumpkin Carving, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Cookies, 
Costume Design, Craft Fun with leftover Candy,
House Decorating.
Most of ALL
Treasure those "Special Moments" with your family!
They go by VERY FAST!
Your Artist Friend along the Creek...