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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sugar & Spice!

Sugar & Spice
Everything Nice!
The "Ms. Elizabeth Store" is filled with Valentine Day Gifts!
I LOVE these TOPS!
They look like Happy Girls!
The image was created from my original artwork and my collection of antique paper dolls.
Many styles to select from.
Check them ALL out by Clicking on the LINK below:
Have a Wonderful Weekend filled with LOVE!
Your Artist Friend along the Creek,
Jennifer Lake

Friday, January 19, 2018

Siri Says......

What can I help you with? 
Siri Says!
How many times have you asked Siri for help?
Ask her to be Your Valentine!
Love this TOP!!
Check it out by Clicking on the LINK below!

Check out all the Valentine Day Fun in the ON LINE "Ms. Elizabeth Store"

Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone!
Your Artist Friend along the Creek,
Jennifer Lake

Spring Ahead....Print Special of the Day!

Good Morning America!
Spring ahead into 2018 with the "Print Special" of the day!
"Zumwalt Prairie"
The painting is of the Zumwalt Prairie and the 
Wallowa Mountains of North Eastern Oregon.
The prairie encompasses 330,000 acres and 4,400 acres is a 
designated National Natural Landmark. 
The Chief Joseph band of the Nez Perce 
were the original human inhabitants of the prairie.
They used the land for hunting and gathering in the spring and fall.
The Nez Perce were forced out of the area in the 1870's when 
President Ulysses S. Grant officially opened the Wallowa County to white settlers.
The "Special Print" measures approximately
 11 X 14 -$35.00 (Reg. $75.00).
Plus shipping and handling.
Just comment below that you would like one shipped to you!
Offer ends at 9:00 pm tonight!