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Friday, June 2, 2017

Have a Beautiful Weekend Everyone!

Hi Everyone!
The past week has been extremely busy!
I am finishing a "City" project that I will post about next week!
Next week I will also be unveiling the "Summer Season"! So stay tuned!
Once again I will be having another "Jennifer Lake Art Selfie Contest"!
So start sending in those photos next week
 with you and your family standing in front of my art!
You can enter as many times as you want. 
Scroll down and you can see the entries from last month!
Below is an Iris I photographed in the "Wild Iris Fields" here last week!
Have a Great Weekend!
Jennifer & Max!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday's Little "GEM"

Friday's Little Gem!
This weeks "Friday Little Gem" is a painting I created called
"My Secret Beach".
The painting depicts the Oregon Pacific Coast in summer.
The daisies and blackberries are abundant along the coast line.
You are amazed to find wild roses and other beach flowers that survive from the powerful storms.
On many beaches in Oregon you will find just yourself on the beach.
The waves in summer can be very calm and relaxing.
The fog just hovers over the ocean and disappears at noon....
providing a peaceful splendor.
The painting measures 18 X 24 and is framed.
The price is $750.00 until the end of Memorial Day.
The appraised value is $2500.00
Please contact me directly: jenniferlakeart@gmail.com
Thank-you for making my Art Career so fantastic!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds..
Jennifer & Max!

Drum Roll Please.....

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!
I am Celebrating the Holiday by providing 
A "SPECIAL" Memorial Day Weekend SALE!
The entire Jennifer Lake Fine Art America Store
is 25% OFF through May 30th ~ 2017!
CLICK on the LINK below!
Have Fun!
Thank-you ALL for making my Art Career a JOY!
Your Artist Friend in the WILDS!
Jennifer & Max

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Last Week Customers FAVORITE Things!

Thank-you EVERYONE for such a great week last week!
The biggest JOY is working with each one of you personally.
I LOVE meeting my clients!
The "Lazuli Bunting" tile sold in the Jennifer Lake Love of Birds Store.
I have only seen this bird twice in my life and each time the blue head just shocks YOU!
They are the size of a small sparrow.
The Jennifer Lake TOP TANK store was very busy!
Everyone is preparing for summer!
The store is currently offering 30% OFF on ALL the Tank Tops!
I purchased several for me and they run true to size. 
A client purchased the "Columbia River Gorge Tank"!
Let me know how you like it!

The OLD ASPEN GROVE canvas giclee was sold to a client in Redmond, Oregon!
I cannot wait to see it this summer hanging in your home!
I love when clients invite me to see how my art looks in their homes!
What a treat!

I was SHOCKED to see the amount of
 NOTE CARDS that sold last week!
A couple of retail stores reordered and a client in Hood River purchased the card below to use as an invitation for their wedding.
 The wedding is taking place on top of the high plateau outside of Shaniko, Oregon.
I felt VERY honored!

A TON of Oregon Trail Cards were sold to several
 Oregon Trail Interpretive Centers.
When visiting Oregon you want to make sure you visit all of our wonderful museums.
The museums really capture the westward expansion and the courage of those that came west!
I was in SHOCK when a client asked me to order an apron for their Dad for Father's Day!
Father's Day!??
The snow just melted here!!
The daughter asked me to add the name of her Father's boat and the name "Rosario Resort" to the apron.
The resort is one of his favorite places in the San Juan Islands located in the State of Washington.
He LOVES to barbecue on the boat!
Great GIFT!
A client from Montana ordered the two bird prints for her husbands den.
I originally painted the birds on clay tile.
I absolutely love the background texture and the natural look!
I was thrilled when that resonated through the photography!
The brown and gold frames they selected look spectacular.
Have a WONDERFUL Afternoon Everyone!
Thank-you for making my Art Career such a JOY!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Fridays Little "Gem"!

Friday's Little Gem ~ Spring Crocus!
Don't you just love to see Crocuses in the Spring?
How can something so small make us SMILE so BIG!

I decided this week to work with something so small...
however create it to look large.
I think the most interesting thing was deciding on the angle and perspective.
The green leaves of the crocus always look like spears to me coming out of the ground.
Sharp and tall as if fighting off old man winter!
I cannot believe there are over 90 species of crocuses.
The little painting is filled with heavy textures and transparent petals.
I like the shadows of the background. 
Americana Folk Art ~ or Jennifer Lake Art!
I prefer..."Jennifer Lake Art"!
The painting measures 11 X 14.
The painting is available until Sunday evening for $350.00
The appraised value of the little Gem....$1500.00
Have a Great Weekend Everyone!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds!
Jennifer & Max

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Have a GREAT Weekend Everyone!
Max and I are off to hit the TRAILS!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Throw Back Thursday ~Map of Insanity!

Throwback Thursday!
The "Crazy" Map of Central Oregon!
How many of you still have yours?
I was commissioned to paint this map for Community Concepts in the late 80's early 90's.
The company sold space on the map to businesses, tourist destinations, and prominent locals.
I was handed a large notebook filled with each person that paid to be on the map!

What a job trying to figure how to get everyone on the map!

The map took two months to complete. Each business received 500 maps from Community Concepts.
They gave them out to clients and customers as a little thank-you gift!
If you look closely at the image below you can see my son Easton standing on top of Powell Butte.
Note...there were only seven homes on the butte at the time we lived in Powell Butte!
Now hundreds cover the buttes...maybe over a thousand.

If you look closely at the map you will see names of businesses that are no longer operating.
You will also see how things have dramatically changed in just thirty years!

It is fun to reflect on the past. I have had so many different experiences as an artist.
I tried it all and still do. I like a challenge. However this was only one of two maps I created.
I wonder if they even paint maps anymore?
Have a Wonderful Thursday Everyone!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds!
Jennifer & Max

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Get Tanked!

Get Tanked!
by the
Jennifer Lake ON LINE  Tank Top Store

You Want it the Way You Want it!!!

You Design Your Summer Your Way!
It is Your Style!
Check out all the ON LINE
Jennifer Lake Art Stores

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Coming Soon...SUMMER!

SUMMER can be found NOW in all of the
 Jennifer Lake Art ON LINE STORES!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Last Weeks Customer's Favorite Things...

 I currently am having my morning coffee and  reviewing what sold last week in the stores!
I can say you all are thinking
I have to admit this has been a very cold spring and I am now wishing for warmer weather!
On Mother's Day it snowed here!
Here are a few things from "Customers Favorite Things" last week.
The Portland, Oregon bag below came in as a reorder from a stationary store in Portland!!
I am always happy when I see reorders! Thank-you!

A retailer in Seaside purchased all the beach tiles for their store! 
I am truly amazed over these tiles. The clarity and color is perfect!
The tiles are sold with easels.
 They really make a nice memory of your trip.
Every store ON LINE has a variety of tiles.
The Cannon Beach Tiles are located in the "Celebrating Oregon" store.

You really know its the Summer Season when you start receiving orders for family reunion merchandise!
A family from Portland is having their reunion in Seaside this year. 
They purchased T shirts for everyone attending. 
On the back of the shirt I wrote the year and family name.
They also purchased "prizes" through my site for their events.
Let me know how I can assist you on your "Special Event".

A Heceta Lighthouse Blanket was sold as a wedding gift! 
The couple is spending their honeymoon near by!
What a nice memory!
 They also purchased a matching tote bag to put it in!
The blankets are very fluffy, warm and cozy!
I should know...I own ALL of Ms. Elizabeth's Blanket Collection! 
Guests love them here at the cabin!
Close up of Blanket.

Several Smith Rock Water Bottles were sold to a Rock Climbing Club.
The club is using them as event prizes! 
Who will WIN?

A friend of mine in Phoenix, Arizona is redecorating her bathroom.
She is using all of my "Blue Butterfly Bath Collection" to decorate it with!
How nice...cannot wait to see the end results! 

A client from Minneapolis, Minnesota purchased the Mouse Pad Print!
I need to fine the time to add to this series.
The Mouse Pad is so fun and the colors are so vivid!

I hope you all are enjoying your week.
We are all so busy this time of year with graduations, reunions, and preparing for summer events.
Let me know how I can help and we can provide you ideas and services to make it easier!
Have a Wonderful Evening!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds
PS: Max learned this week that DEER are larger than him!!

Monday, May 15, 2017


A package arrived from me today to the
Jennifer Lake Selfie Winners!!
The "Fann Family" from Stigler, Oklahoma WON!
Miranda Fann gathered all her kids together for a photo before they unwrapped it!
They are all so cute!
The girls were thrilled over their Quilt Prints!

LOVE this PHOTO! Who has the FATTER CHEEKS??

Miranda had told me the kids don't see many pine
cones in the area...so I had to enclose a few from Oregon!
They have never seen "Sugar Pine Cones" so I will be sending them for Christmas!
I also enclosed one of my puzzles! The COLLAGE!!!! Good Luck!
Send photos when you complete it!
All the items below arrived in their "PRIZE BOX"!
They even enjoyed the wrap paper!
The next "Jennifer Lake Art Self Contest" will be in June!
So get those photos ready and YOU maybe the NEXT WINNER!
Have a Great Day Everyone!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds!
Jennifer & Max