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Friday, August 11, 2017

Flash Back Friday

Flash Back Friday!
 When I was in Junior High, I had a teacher named Mrs.Van Wheelden.
She taught a community studies class that I just loved.
 The class covered everything from how government works to participating as a board member.
I never forgot the class.
Before my art career began I became an
 Executive Director of a Chamber of Commerce,
a Downtown Mainstreet Manager and served on many boards.
I do believe she was one of several people (especially my parents) that
influenced me to participate where you live.
It doesn't mean you have to run out and join a board.....just Volunteer!
Find niches within your community that you feel your background could offer help!
Not far from where I live is the tiny town of Sumpter, Oregon.
I painted a portrait of Sumpter over the past several months
and spent time getting to know many of the wonderful people that call it "Home".
 I also discovered a few things that I could help with!
I did my research and received permission from the city to repaint some of the City of Sumpter Signs.
A little sanding and repainting ...New Signs!
The one below hung on the original post office.
 I just repainted the letters.
I am currently working on the entry signs and the Sumpter Fire Hall.
A small contribution on my part but if everyone lends a hand..
..just think how "Grand" all the communities across our nation would be!
Have a Great Evening & Weekend Everyone!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds,
Jennifer & Max
PS: Max is trying to figure out how he can Help!

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Sumpter Smelter

It seems like every week now ...I find myself exploring the
 Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon.
A new adventure awaits on a new trail, mountain or canyon.
The mountains are rich in mining history, wildlife, and geology.
Last weekend I visited the site of the Sumpter Smelter.
Below is an article from Oregon Department of  Geology about the smelter.

The view at the site was also a major bonus!
The Blue Mountains has an area of 4,060 square miles, stretching east and southeast of
 Pendleton, Oregon,
to the Snake River along the Idaho border.
The range is part of the larger rugged Columbia River Plateau.
The highest peaks in the range include the Elkhorn Mountains at 9108 feet, 
Strawberry Mountains at 9,038 feet and Mount Ireland at 8,304 Feet.
Last month I completed all three of these peaks!

When you arrive at the smelter you are first taken back by the ground beneath you.
It is littered with thousands of chard leftover from the melting of quartz.

The heat must have been intense in the smelter to create such magnificent results.
Bricks leftover from the building also are everywhere.
The Sumpter Brick Company provided the entire area with bricks.
You can see names that are worn tired on some of them.

The old railroad path is clearly visible. 
I want to go back and see how far the path leads...and where!
As I was standing right here ..the sound of the
 historic Sumpter Railroad blew its whistle down below the mountain!
I instantly felt like I had been taken back in time!

Parts of the structure itself was higher up.
Below you can see the corner stone rounds that have fallen.
The stone was chipped into rounds to support the bricks.

Here you can see some of  the round stone holding part of the structure.
Hours of tedious construction and labor.

Higher up the mountain another wall exists of stone. 
Each stone had been carefully placed and carried!
Just like the bricks.....Carried UP THE MOUNTAIN!
The stone wall is approximately 30 feet tall.

 What a fascinating place.
I was pleased to find information on this wonderful historic site at
The Elk Horn Range is shown in the distance of the photo below.
You can see how high the smelter is from the valley floor.
I will return again..the history is overflowing.
What adventure is next? Only the road knows...
Have a wonderful evening everyone!
Find an adventure!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds!
Jennifer & Max

Friday, July 28, 2017

Smart Kid!

"Smart Kids" Eat an Apple a Day!
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Growing up in Michigan Mullein was everywhere!
My brother Mike and I created spears out of the spikes leftover from the summers blooms.
We created miniature tepees with the leftover stalks.
The giant fuzzy soft leaves became carpet in the many forts we built across our families property.

My brother and I were avid 4-H members .
 He took entomology and I studied birds and wildflowers!
Mullein attracted so many birds, butterflies and insects. The ultimate 4-H study plant!
Mullein can grow up to 8 feet tall!

Versatile, fuzzy mullein is an engineering marvel!
It is actually a member of the snapdragon family.
Mullein Tea is a traditional treatment for respiratory problems.
Native Americans used the plant's roots for coughs;other tribes smoked the roots or dried leaves to treat asthma. They also used the leaves to treat prickly rash, bruises, tumors and even as personal hygiene.
Mullein leaves have been used in cosmetics preparations for years to soften skin. Yellow dye extracted from the flowers has been used since Roman times as a hair rinse as well as to dye cloth.
What an amazing historic plant!
It is simply NOT a WEED!
I spent several days photographing and
sketching the plant.
 The leaves provide a display of shadows and depth which will intrigue any photographer.
The following fabrics and tiles are the results.
Aqua Mullein Fabric
I like the intricate details that appear and YES the colors!
Purple Mullein Fabric

Green Turtle Mullein Fabric
So the next time you see this plant.....stop and spend a moment.....especially with kids!
Maybe you will have a sword fight..
..place the leaves inside your shoes for cushion and have FUN!
Oh the Memories! Simple.... however still vivid
 Joy in my Mind!
Have a Wonderful Evening Everyone!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds!
Jennifer & Max!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Customer's Favorite Things Last Week!

Last week a WIDE variety of things were purchased from all my
 On Line Stores!
The "Coming Home" print below was purchased by a client for his wife.
They will be celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary in August.
He told me the image reminded him so much of when they started out together in Montana.
The painting is part of the series I painted titled the "Oregon Love Story".
I will re-post the story again on the Blog next week.

A quilter in Everett, Washington purchased the print
 "Summer Lavender Lemonade"
 for her quilt room!
Love the framing! 

Christmas products are already starting to be purchased!
Christmas in July!!
The cute top below depicts "Ms. Elizabeth" greeting one of her friends by the candy gate.
The chipmunk on the left is actually one of my Dad and Moms creations!

It's back to school time! Time to buy that new outfit and supplies!
Stayed tuned!
 Later this week I be will showing all the 2017 Back to School Products!

I can see someone is preparing to put up a lot of Jam and Jelly!
A friend of mine purchased the apron for her Mother!
They are canning together this season. 
I will be Huckleberry Picking next weekend!
I hope the bears don't eat too many and save me some!
I cannot wait to make my very own Huckleberry Syrup!

Talk about being surprised!
Ski Season Sales???? WOWZA!
Actually the plaque below was sold to a Ski Boutique on Mount Hood!
The store will be carrying the "Ms. Elizabeth" children's ski line!
 However.... can we wait on snow for just a little while?
Several more fabrics sold from the "Joy of Jam" Collection!
The one below is a Polyester Poplin.
It was sold in a 60" width. Maybe for pillows or kitchen cushions?
I would love to see what you create! Please share photos!
Thank-you all for making my Art Career so Wonderful!
Have a great summer evening!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds,
Jennifer & Max
PS: Max says enough with the HOT WEATHER!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Asters!

Summer Asters in Full Bloom!
The flowers of Summer say it all!
 Purple Asters started blooming right after the Fourth of July at the cabin and have not stopped!
The flower looks like fireworks!
Purple and Yellow!
Laura Ashley was correct when she stated 
"The two happiest colors together"!

The cabin is now surrounded by wild yarrow, lilies, paintbrush, and thousands of asters.
Summers carpet!
Nature's color combinations never stop surprising! 
The bright orange and black of the butterfly against the purple asters!
The intricate patterns that each provide....its all in the details!
In the morning the asters all face toward the sun as if they are waiting for something!
Maybe their morning coffee!
Or just feeling the warmth of the summer sun after such a cool mountain night!

The beauty of nature is the most peaceful solitude of all!
Have a Wonderful Evening Everyone!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds!
Jennifer & Max!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Customers' Favorite Things!

Last Weeks Customer's Favorite Things!
Oh My! The fabric store was VERY busy last week!
The sewing rooms must be buzzing!
The "Bright Hummingbird Dreams" fabric sold to several people! 
So much color and detail! I had more fun creating the original painting!
"Spring Storm Iris Fields"

The Powder River Fabric sold to a client in NE Oregon!
I bet they are going to make a quilt?
The fabric was created from a photograph and paint!
I like the abstract and lime green result!

What a summer! The Seattle Tote Bag has now sold several 100 pieces!
The gift shops are HAPPY! So am I!
The Oregon Zoo Box sold ......just the right size for that "Special" gift!
I love these boxes! They come in several sizes and are available with many covers and in most of the stores!
A great graduation, wedding, or birthday gift!
The fabric below is called "The Joy of Jam Chef". The image is a pullout from the original painting titled 
"The Joy of Jam"!
The painting depicts "Ms. Elizabeth's" friends gathering blackberries and making jam!
Click on the LINK below to see the entire original painting.

The "Mountain Bluebird Fabric" sold ...very curious what they are creating!
The image is a "pullout from the original painting titled "Bark".
You can view the entire painting by CLICKING on the LINK below:

Wow...You all love these! So do I!
The quality is amazing and the size options!
I buy the bird images all the time!
 I have used them on art studio jars, plant vases, cards, etc!
I like the clarity, color and thickness!
Many tiles have been selling...so much construction is going on everywhere!
I sold and created several different tiles for a building contractor and kitchen designer.
 We worked together and came up with exactly what they needed and at a GREAT price!
Quantity discounts!!
Let me know what your ideas! I will work with you!
A little boy in Portland, Oregon is going to be VERY HAPPY!
While he is visiting his grandparents...Mom is redecorating his bedroom!
The theme: "FRONTIER TOWN"!
What fun! The entire collection is located in the Jennifer Lake "Kids Store"!
Located on the lower right of this blog.
Have a Wonderful Evening Everyone!
Thank-you ALL for making my Art Career so much FUN!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds!
Jennifer & Max