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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Customer's Favorite Things!!

Customer's Favorite Things!
Wow! What a past few weeks in my ON LINE Stores!
I have been so busy in the Art Studio & hiking I have not posted lately!
So here we GO.....
The "Blue Geode" pillow was sold through the
 Jennifer Lake Fine Art America Store!
A San Diego interior design company reordered another dozen!
I love the colors and modern feel!
I learned many new art techniques creating the "Blue Geode"!
The "Tides" tote bags were  sold to a beach store in Newport, Oregon.
The bag is so new I cannot wait to hear the responses from their tourists!

Tiles...Tiles and MORE Tiles!
Everyone seems to be enjoying all the NEW Tiles located in the
 Jennifer Lake Gift Shop Store!
Over 50 tiles have been created. You can use these in a variety of ways.
Clients have used these in installations in kitchen's, bathrooms, entry wall areas.
Please contact me for quantity discounts!
The one below is titled: "Lazuli Iris".
My client just moved into a "Tiny House"! 
She is using this as her backsplash in her cottage themed bathroom.

The same client used the tile "Iris Fields" in another location of the same space.
Cannot wait to see the end results!

Several of you have the up and coming holiday season on your minds!
The "Christmas Forest Visitor" print sold several times in the past few weeks!
What a fun piece to decorate around.
 I personally ordered the table runner and the print for myself this year....
sold the original to fast last year!
I didn't get a chance to decorate with it! BOO!

The image is located in the Jennifer Lake Fine Art America Store
in the "Winter White Holiday's Collection".
Love the pillows.....!!

Clients must have really  redecorated this summer!
The Jennifer Lake Fine Art America Store had MANY framed pieces sell all over the country.
Here are a few....
The piece "Burgundy Wild Iris" was sold to a florist in the Seattle area!
They are using it as a back drop display piece!

Once again... Christmas is starting to be on many minds!
"Ms. Elizabeth's Peppermint World" was sold to a candy shop in Leavenworth, Washington!
They are building an entire display of peppermint candy around this piece! 
So FUN!! Even for ME!
Let me know if you see the display!

I was so excited and thrilled to sell the very first print of
  "Whose Woods these are I think I know"!
 The wonderful natural, woodsy frame Bob and Jean (longtime clients) selected works so well.
They have a home in Black Butte Resort and had been waiting a while for the print!
Thank-you....send a "Jennifer Lake Art Selfie" when you hang it!
I will be having a few contests this fall!!

"The Colors of the Plateau" was sold to a client in White Salmon, Washington!
All the image needs is a simple frame!
I cannot wait to paint more paintings like this! 
I love the drama of the sky and the colors! 
The "High Plateau" is so filled with color and flowers in May & June!
A must see for everyone!

Here is another first...the "Yellow Iris" pillow and print sold!
Abstract, colorful, and drama totally sums up this piece!
I am so thrilled that I have taken the leap and experimenting with many art forms!
I can feel myself growing through each process as an artist.
For me it is a VERY exciting time!
Thank-you ALL for supporting my Art Career!
My clients that reside in Texas..You are in my thoughts! Sending HUGE Hugs for all of YOU!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds,
Jennifer & YES....Max!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Grandmother Lillian's Snowflakes

A Package Arrived in the Mail Today!
Several months ago a packaged arrived in the mail from my parents!
I love when packages arrive out of the blue!
I opened it up ....and memories of my Grandmother Lillian flowed out of the box.
Sitting inside were 100's of her hand crocheted snowflakes.
I remember as a child her attempting to teach me to crochet... 
but to no avail!
I just simply didn't get it!
 Arranged neatly inside the box were also her hand crocheted tablecloths!

All these wonderful snowflakes...what should I do with them? 
I thought for several weeks and decided to lay them all out on the floor and just see what happens!
Much to my amazement.....when I was finished an amazing pattern formed.
It was as if Grandma Lillian had planned this all along.

                             I photographed them over the next few days.
 Each time moving and shifting them into a new design.
I then printed the results and added layers of brush strokes and color.
The results amazed me!
Depth, color, design, geometry, intriguing shapes...  I never dreamed of!
I took the images and created a line of fabrics, cups, china, note cards etc.

The fabrics are all located in my on line Jennifer Lake Fabric Store located on my blog.
The rest of the products are located in the Jennifer Lake Christmas Store also located on my blog.

I think my Grandmother Lillian would be very proud.
I never mastered crochet but I kept her memory alive by combining her talents and mine.
What a fun art experience and one I will treasure forever.
I hope you all will enjoy working with these fabrics and designs!
Please keep sharing those photos with me!
I just love what you all create!
Have a Wonderful Evening!
Maybe a box will arrive on your doorstep unexpected!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilderness,
Jennifer & Max

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Just another Day in Paradise!

What another FANTASTIC Weekend!
The past weekend was filled with fun and new adventures!
The Eclipse provided such a wonderful finale!  
I finally peaked the top of the Elk Horn Range!
For the past two and half years the Elk Horn Range has been my back drop to the cabin!
I have climbed many mountain peaks here and this was a goal!
The trip up on four wheeler's was amazing!
Yes, I will admit I closed my eyes a few times!
The photo below is of me at the top!

The "Elk Horn Mountains" are part of the Blue Mountains, located in eastern Oregon.
The highest point in the range is Rock Creek Butte.... elevation 9106 feet.
The photo below is taken of the north side rim!
In the distance you can see north and all the ranch land.
 Zoom in and you can see hundreds of giant wind turbines....you may see a mountain goat or two!
I spotted white mountain goats (10), one black bear, several BIG deer, and a few elk.
Hunting Paradise!
 The hunters that receive tags here are very lucky...but can you imagine the work to get the animal out?
Yes! Mule trains!
Fall has already arrived on the peaks of the Elk Horn. 
The air is cool and crisp and the colors are already changing! 
All these photos were taken at 5:00 pm.
I called my parents from the top and wished them a
 Happy 65th Anniversary!
My Mother did not want to know about the four wheeler roads.
So I posted NO photos for her sake!

Mount Ruth (seen below) is one of the most remote mountains in the
 Elk Horn.
It forms a pyramid on the main dividing ridge of the range.
The elevation is 8600 feet.
 Mount Ruth has provided an exciting view for the past few years.
In the winter snowmobiles (PROS) snowmobile on the dangerous cliffs here.
It is amazing to watch their lights at night going up and down the dangerous slopes!

There is truly "Nature Drama" around every corner!
The weathered log looks more like a weathered dried stream.
The twisting of the bark from the snow, wind and rain create a fascinating sculpture.
In the distance you can see Mount Ireland which I peaked last month.
What a trip that was.
A friend of mine told me they were delivering food to "Andy" the Fire Look Out Guide last week.
So I baked him some of my home made bread!
He was so thrilled that they brought back from him "Danish Cheese" as a Thank-you!
So sweet!
Can you imagine living all alone up there?
Here I thought I was alone!!!! LOL

All the plants have gone to seed and you can see where the hint of yellow of the tamarack has started.
In the fall the mountains of NE Oregon are covered in yellow. 
The tamarack trees create an artistic design on the mountains.
Wild vibrant colors of yellow.
 They look like candles all over the mountains.
A few wonderful flowers were surviving.
The night frost have withered most of them.
Seep-Spring Monkeyflower still holds its beauty on a mountain stream.
Below is a Red version of the Monkeyflower.
A few streams were still flowing down the mountains and were filled with moss, lichens and frogs.
Another view of Mount Ireland.
It is now my favorite mountain here.
I hope when I am in my eighties I can still climb these beautiful mountains!
The great outdoors is a true treasure! 
 I hope my photos will encourage each of you to get out and explore.
Have a Wonderful Evening Everyone!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds!
Jennifer & Max

Friday, August 11, 2017

Flash Back Friday

Flash Back Friday!
 When I was in Junior High, I had a teacher named Mrs.Van Wheelden.
She taught a community studies class that I just loved.
 The class covered everything from how government works to participating as a board member.
I never forgot the class.
Before my art career began I became an
 Executive Director of a Chamber of Commerce,
a Downtown Mainstreet Manager and served on many boards.
I do believe she was one of several people (especially my parents) that
influenced me to participate where you live.
It doesn't mean you have to run out and join a board.....just Volunteer!
Find niches within your community that you feel your background could offer help!
Not far from where I live is the tiny town of Sumpter, Oregon.
I painted a portrait of Sumpter over the past several months
and spent time getting to know many of the wonderful people that call it "Home".
 I also discovered a few things that I could help with!
I did my research and received permission from the city to repaint some of the City of Sumpter Signs.
A little sanding and repainting ...New Signs!
The one below hung on the original post office.
 I just repainted the letters.
I am currently working on the entry signs and the Sumpter Fire Hall.
A small contribution on my part but if everyone lends a hand..
..just think how "Grand" all the communities across our nation would be!
Have a Great Evening & Weekend Everyone!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds,
Jennifer & Max
PS: Max is trying to figure out how he can Help!

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Sumpter Smelter

It seems like every week now ...I find myself exploring the
 Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon.
A new adventure awaits on a new trail, mountain or canyon.
The mountains are rich in mining history, wildlife, and geology.
Last weekend I visited the site of the Sumpter Smelter.
Below is an article from Oregon Department of  Geology about the smelter.

The view at the site was also a major bonus!
The Blue Mountains has an area of 4,060 square miles, stretching east and southeast of
 Pendleton, Oregon,
to the Snake River along the Idaho border.
The range is part of the larger rugged Columbia River Plateau.
The highest peaks in the range include the Elkhorn Mountains at 9108 feet, 
Strawberry Mountains at 9,038 feet and Mount Ireland at 8,304 Feet.
Last month I completed all three of these peaks!

When you arrive at the smelter you are first taken back by the ground beneath you.
It is littered with thousands of chard leftover from the melting of quartz.

The heat must have been intense in the smelter to create such magnificent results.
Bricks leftover from the building also are everywhere.
The Sumpter Brick Company provided the entire area with bricks.
You can see names that are worn tired on some of them.

The old railroad path is clearly visible. 
I want to go back and see how far the path leads...and where!
As I was standing right here ..the sound of the
 historic Sumpter Railroad blew its whistle down below the mountain!
I instantly felt like I had been taken back in time!

Parts of the structure itself was higher up.
Below you can see the corner stone rounds that have fallen.
The stone was chipped into rounds to support the bricks.

Here you can see some of  the round stone holding part of the structure.
Hours of tedious construction and labor.

Higher up the mountain another wall exists of stone. 
Each stone had been carefully placed and carried!
Just like the bricks.....Carried UP THE MOUNTAIN!
The stone wall is approximately 30 feet tall.

 What a fascinating place.
I was pleased to find information on this wonderful historic site at
The Elk Horn Range is shown in the distance of the photo below.
You can see how high the smelter is from the valley floor.
I will return again..the history is overflowing.
What adventure is next? Only the road knows...
Have a wonderful evening everyone!
Find an adventure!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds!
Jennifer & Max

Friday, July 28, 2017

Smart Kid!

"Smart Kids" Eat an Apple a Day!
Check out the Jennifer Lake Art Gift Store for all the COOL Products!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Growing up in Michigan Mullein was everywhere!
My brother Mike and I created spears out of the spikes leftover from the summers blooms.
We created miniature tepees with the leftover stalks.
The giant fuzzy soft leaves became carpet in the many forts we built across our families property.

My brother and I were avid 4-H members .
 He took entomology and I studied birds and wildflowers!
Mullein attracted so many birds, butterflies and insects. The ultimate 4-H study plant!
Mullein can grow up to 8 feet tall!

Versatile, fuzzy mullein is an engineering marvel!
It is actually a member of the snapdragon family.
Mullein Tea is a traditional treatment for respiratory problems.
Native Americans used the plant's roots for coughs;other tribes smoked the roots or dried leaves to treat asthma. They also used the leaves to treat prickly rash, bruises, tumors and even as personal hygiene.
Mullein leaves have been used in cosmetics preparations for years to soften skin. Yellow dye extracted from the flowers has been used since Roman times as a hair rinse as well as to dye cloth.
What an amazing historic plant!
It is simply NOT a WEED!
I spent several days photographing and
sketching the plant.
 The leaves provide a display of shadows and depth which will intrigue any photographer.
The following fabrics and tiles are the results.
Aqua Mullein Fabric
I like the intricate details that appear and YES the colors!
Purple Mullein Fabric

Green Turtle Mullein Fabric
So the next time you see this plant.....stop and spend a moment.....especially with kids!
Maybe you will have a sword fight..
..place the leaves inside your shoes for cushion and have FUN!
Oh the Memories! Simple.... however still vivid
 Joy in my Mind!
Have a Wonderful Evening Everyone!
Your Artist Friend in the Wilds!
Jennifer & Max!